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Impeccable Research, Exceptional Service, Outstanding Returns...

Making the best decisions can only be accomplished by providing you with education, hand-holding you through execution and ensuring you have a solid understanding of what we are doing together, why and how it benefits you. We accomplish this by offering integrated, comprehensive solutions that address every facet of our clients' decision making process during property purchase and beyond: 

  • Comprehensive platform supporting real estate execution, financial planning & taxation assistance   

  • End to end assistance including property identification, documentation support, loans, and tax optimization

  • Research driven approach: analytical basis for making real estate product recommendation backed by 'on-ground' research 

  • Ongoing client education through regular news feed, research reports and professional analysis

  • Personalized solutions: client focused advisory recognizing individual goals and constraints while making recommendations

Property Evaluation Framework

Property-Evaluation Framework

Whether you are looking to buy a home for self-use or make a property investment in commercial real estate, our thorough 'on-ground research' and transparent approach gives you a powerful information edge to make intelligent real estate decisions. Committed to providing you with a prosperous future, we base our recommendations on an analytical framework which not only ensures safety of your money but also results in the best in class returns! 

Residential Property Assessment @ Elphos

Due Diligence

 Status of project approvals, developer track record for timely delivery, construction quality, maintenance and more...


Availability of public transport, social infrastructure (schools, hospitals, playgrounds), access to commercial & entertainment centres...

Project Appraisal

Amenities offered, Air & lighting, internal fittings, construction material & technology, density of living, and more...


Safety of neighbourhood, internal & nearby roads condition, access to groceries, banks, parks & fitness centers, surrounding gentry and more...

Investment Potential

We evaluate a property on a number of  macro and micro parameters which reveals potential for rentals & capital appreciation 

Commercial Property Analysis @ Elphos

Due Diligence

 Status of project approvals, developer track record for timely delivery, construction quality, maintenance and more...


Signs of agglomeration; connectivity & ease of public transport; supporting infrastructure: residential, entertainment clustering

Project Appraisal

Construction quality; green/sustainable footprint; product integration (orc, business park or standalone); maintenance partner 

Tenancy Evaluation

Holding structure- strata sold or developer retained; commercial network of developer; capital values & lease trends

Our Edge: Economics

Macro-economic & industry fundamentals,  local economic activity, government policy in zone, demand-supply analysis

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