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Shivraj Rana: Real Estate Investment Expert: India

Shivraj Rana, CFA (Founder)

Manan Sharma (Co-Founder)

Background: Shivraj is an economist by training and a chartered financial analyst with over ten years in investment analysis & advisory. He also holds an MBA in finance from Singapore Management University (SMU).

A keen student of financial history, Shivraj believes that the Indian real estate is on the cusp of a revolution, thereby providing an opportunity to earn outsized investment returns.


Personality check (fun fact): Shivraj fancies himself as a philosopher and holds a view on everything that passes his eye! Friends think he is a borderline astrologer masquerading as an investment analyst!

Why we have him: with multiple degrees in finance and a flair for macro-economic analysis, his ability to hypothesize impact of seemingly obscure future events helps us navigate market uncertainties and deliver quality investment advise. 


Moreover, his understanding of realty transactions and focus on execution is what allows us to deliver a hassle free experience to our clients.

Background: Manan is a graduate from SRCC (Delhi University) and an MBA from Manchester Business School. He has also studied advanced actuarial sciences from Institute of Actuaries, UK

A versatile finance professional, Manan has experience in investments, risk management and valuation of actuarial liabilities. As a consultant with FIS, he has advised niche insurance companies in ironing out their mathematical models.

Personality check (fun fact): never the one to flinch an eye, Manan can shoot a man with numbers! Friends think it is best to leave him alone unless looking for a class on the Golden mean!


Why we have him: with a knack for reading the number script, Manan ensures that every investment is measured with precision and designed to yield the highest returns.


Besides, his experience in global settings helps us bring to board the best of institutional practices within the vibrant setting of a dynamic start-up.

Indu Manglotra (Marketing Advisor)

Background: a strategic marketer with over 11 years in multi-disciplinary marketing and brand management. She is passionate about digital technologies and its usage in delivering efficient solutions and enhancing client satisfaction.

Personality check (fun fact): a social servant at heart, Indu joined an MBA program to learn how to run a shelter home, turned instead to being a marketing expert! A master at juggling tasks, she is at much at ease in corporate meetings as in preparing masala tea!


Why we have her: with most of our team dedicated to help clients earn superior results, Indu’s strategic perspective, creative impulses and marketing acumen allows us to polish our appeal, reach out to clients and do all that is digital!

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