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Residential Real Estate @ Elphos

We are delighted to note that you are looking to engage Elphos for purchasing a residential property. Please tell us your requirements by filling the below form and we shall get back to you shortly.

Elphos brings to board a research based approach to real estate advisory. Our recommendations are based on an astute assessment of your lifestyle-return expectations backed by analytical output of our on-ground research and professional analysis. Click for more

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Residential Property Evaluation @ Elphos

Due Diligence

 Status of project approvals, developer track record for timely delivery, construction quality, maintenance and more...


Availability of public transport; social infrastructure (schools, hospitals, playgrounds), access to commercial & entertainment centres...

Project Appraisal

Amenities offered, Air & lighting, internal fittings, construction material & technology, density of living and more...


Safety of neighbourhood; nearby roads condition; access to groceries, banks & parks; quality of gentry and more...

Our Edge: Investment Analysis

We evaluate a property on a number of  macro and micro parameters which reveals potential for rentals & capital appreciation 

Residential Evaluation
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