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Commercial Real Estate @ Elphos

We are delighted to note that you are looking to engage Elphos for investing in a commercial property. Please tell us your requirements by filling the below form and we shall get back to you shortly.

At Elphos, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the best in-class research and professional analysis. Our recommendations are based on an astute assessment of your requirements and return expectations backed by analytical output of our thematic and on-ground research. Click for more

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Commercial Evaluation

Commercial Property Evaluation @ Elphos

Due Diligence

 Status of project approvals, developer track record for timely delivery, construction quality, maintenance and more...


Signs of agglomeration; connectivity & ease of public transport; supporting infrastructure: residential, entertainment clustering

Project Specific

Construction quality; green/sustainable footprint; product integration (orc, business park or standalone); maintenance partner 

Tenancy Evaluation

Holding structure- strata sold or developer retained; commercial network of developer; capital values & lease trends

Our Edge: Economics

Macro-economic & industry fundamentals,  local economic activity, government policy in zone, demand-supply analysis

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